paulsen-logo1Welcome to Paulsen Insulation! We would like to welcome you to our piece of online real estate. We are the insulation experts of New Jersey, period. That may seem like a bold statement, with all of the competition out there, but the proof is in the quality of our work and our attention to detail. We are family owned and dedicated to the fine art of customer service.


The thing about insulation is that most of us don’t even think about it until that one day when a snowstorm is banging at your door. The money you saved by hiring that “other” insulation company is now flying out of the paper thin walls. We offer the finest insulation products and the added benefit of a job done right.


We offer:

  • Spray Foam- Spray Foam insulation is a liquid that can be sprayed into walls and expands into an insulating barrier.   
  • Cellulose Spray- basically recycled newsprint that is treated and offers excellent insulating properties with lower energy usage during manufacturing.   
  • Fiberglass Insulation- This is what is generally thought of when we think of insulation. The pink itchy stuff. We use a formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation that reduces potentially harmful off-gassing.     
  • Sound Control Insulation- Applegate Cellulose insulation is designed to fill in all of the voids of the interior of the wall, reducing noise and sound penetration.


We are able to insulate new construction or existing buildings and it is important to remember that it is never too late to get your home insulated. Your home may have been built with substandard insulation and many times builders will cut corners with insulation. Paulsen can come in and make recommendations to make your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So if you are uncomfortable in your own home please give Paulsen Insulation a call today!