At Paulsen Insulation, we can come to your home and insulate any room. Some people call us when they want to insulate their basement. Basement insulation is almost universally a good idea because it offers many benefits to your home. However, if you aren’t sure if it is a good idea for your home, learn more about how you might reap the advantages of basement insulation. In this blog, we will go over some benefits you can expect to gain from insulating your basement.

dreamstime_xxl_25660214Benefits of Basement Insulation

Lower Energy Costs

When you insulate any room in your home, it helps with energy costs, but this can be especially true of your basement. Your basement is the coldest room in your home. This is because the basement is naturally the same temperature as the ground outside. You are probably losing the most heat out of your home from the above-grade section of the foundation wall because these materials (concrete and brick) are infamously bad insulators. When you hire Paulsen Insulation to installspray foam insulation in your New Jersey home, it will take a lot less energy to warm your home, and you will reap the benefits of that through your energy bill.

More Comfortable Home

Your home will be more comfortable if you insulate your basement. As stated above, insulating your home prevents heat loss. Not only will you enjoy this through lower energy costs, it will also make your home more comfortable and warmer. Do you have a finished basement but find that you never spend time down there because it’s too chilly? When you insulate the basement, you can expand your space by making the basement warm enough to use. This benefit doesn’t just affect the basement; your whole home will be warmer with an insulated basement.

No Freezing Pipes

In New Jersey, freezing pipes is a common problem during the winter months. This annoying problem causes damage to your pipes, costing you a lot of money in expensive repairs. Freezing pipes are particularly common in your chilly basement. When your basement is insulated, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

dreamstime_xxl_8098429Less Moisture

If your basement isn’t adequately insulated, it can lead to a phenomenon called “weeping walls.” This is when moisture accumulates in the walls, causing condensation. This is problematic because moisture leads to mold, mildew, and fungal growth over time. As we covered in a previous blog, mold can cause a variety of health problems to your household. Avoid this problem by insulating your basement walls. Additionally, moisture can gather from the outside into the foundation, which can cause serious foundational issues. When moisture freezes, it expands, causing cracking in the foundation. This can lead to some seriously costly repairs. Avoid needing foundation repair by insulating your basement walls.

At Paulsen Insulation, New Jersey’s leading insulation company, we are more than happy to help you insulate your basement. Our spray foam insulation is effective for insulating any room in your home. Contact us today for a quote!