IMG_0565It is fall in pre-colonial New Jersey and the weather is much like it is in contemporary times. The chill is beginning to creep into the wigwam in the dark mornings. The Lenape Native who lived here probably grumbled and rolled over on his bear and beaver pelts for more warmth, instantly removing every stitch of covers from his wife. Elbowing him in the back she told him to put more sticks on the fire, the old equivalent to a husband turning the heat up. He returns to his fur-lined bed and sticks one leg out because the fire is making the room too hot as his wife snores away like an angry buffalo. Sound familiar? Of course it does. The only difference your home has with the Lenape is the fact that you have access to modern insulation. The Lenape used furs and branches on the roofs of their wigwams to insulate themselves in their homes. At Paulsen Insulation, we know insulation; we are New Jersey’s finest insulating contractor, and we have a better idea than furs and branches to insulate your home.

Advances In Insulation

The insulation options that we have today would have completely blown away the Lenape curled up in beaver pelts. Insulation has really gone through a renaissance in the last 20 years, cellulose fiber, spray polyurethane foam and good old pink rolls of fiberglass insulation. OK, so we all are familiar with the pink stuff, the fiberglass batting that has insulated homes since the 30’s or 40’s. It is with love that most insulators look at a load of fiberglass insulation, and it is with loathing that they reluctantly hang it. This sort of insulation is very effective, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t use it. Make no mistake however, fiberglass insulation has evolved into something much better than it used to be. We are now installing 22 Johns Manville Formaldehyde-free™ fiberglass batting insulation.

A Safer Alternative

cellulose 3What is the difference between Formaldehyde-free insulation and regular fiberglass batting? It is free of formaldehyde and it is made of 20 percent recycled glass. What is the deal with formaldehyde? The quick answer, it is bad. Formaldehyde is primarily used in building materials like particleboard and plywood as a “fixing agent;” additionally, it is used in the adhesive in traditional fiberglass batting. The main issue with formaldehyde in a home setting is the fact that those materials release small amounts of gas into the air and it is not good to breathe formaldehyde.  

If it has been longer than you can remember since your insulation has been replaced it is time to give Paulsen Insulation a call. The advantages of replacing your sagging, inefficient insulation will manifest itself in lower heating bills, a more comfortable wife and less trips to to thermostat. The winter chill will be here before you know it and now is the time to think about your insulation needs. Give us a call today and let us recommend the best option for your home; we want to keep you and your family warm this winter.  

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