Insulation for Existing Homes

Regardless of the age of your home, be it modern, new construction, or a hundred year-old Victorian; we can provide you with the benefits of superior quality insulation.  Contact a Paulsen Insulation professional to set up a quick and easy inspection. We will explain the benefits of the outstanding protection available when you choose our cellulose insulation.

Step 1
Siding is carefully removed

Step 2
Small holes are drilled

Step 3
Insulation is blown in

Step 4
Siding is replaced

Attic Insulation

Many homes out there have attics with inadequate insulation, have none at all, or are insulated with poor performing fiberglass. Researchers have found that capping fiberglass with our cellulose insulation not only adds R-value, it also retains the effective R-value that fiberglass loses during colder months.

Sound Control Insulation

Homeowners are discovering that insulating interior walls helps to reduce noise and is now more affordable than ever.