1. The Dawn Of Insulation (We think about it a lot)

    Do you ever think about insulation? Well at Paulsen Insulation it is what we do, so naturally we think about it quite a bit. We think about the insulating properties of the comforters we buy for our beds. Yes it’s that bed, oops, I mean bad. The worst thing about being the premier insulation contractor for the Basking Ridge area is the fact that we lie awake under our R-3.6 cozy comforter. We li…Read More

  2. The Pink Stuff

    At Paulsen Insulation we make your home into the kind of cozy, comfortable haven that you have always dreamed of having. When you buy a home what is the first thing that you look for? Well, if it has a pool it's a pretty good bet that is one of the first things you will notice. Next, probably the bedrooms, dining room, family room and so on, but it is probably not on any new homeowners’ minds to…Read More

  3. Welcome to Paulsen Insulation!

    Welcome to Paulsen Insulation! We would like to welcome you to our piece of online real estate. We are the insulation experts of New Jersey, period. That may seem like a bold statement, with all of the competition out there, but the proof is in the quality of our work and our attention to detail. We are family owned and dedicated to the fine art of customer service.   The thing about insulation i…Read More